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When I was a kid, my number one goal in life was to be an artist; so from there, my primary focus was on “making things look good”. I started off with your typical school drawings and got recognized o the point where I entered and won the school’s Houston Rodeo Art Competition while in 4th grade attending River Oaks Vanguard Elementary. By drawing portraits I could see my mom as clear as day when I would draw my sister, and that, I believe, helped me notice things in people as I grew up.

My mentor and art instructor at Texas Southern University, Mr. Charles Criner, was also the Art Director at the Houston Post Newspaper. He was so impressed with my ability as an art student that he offered me my first professional “paid” freelance opportunities to design adverts for auto dealers’ full page ads in the classifieds section. Back then I had never heard of stock photography and damn sure hadn’t heard of a Mac! So my first foray into design included me DRAWING vehicles THEN arranging on paper where to put the text. That was 40 years ago!

Going forward, I have spent time as a sign painter, worked for an ad agency, supermarket advertising and eventually heading the pre-press department at one of the largest print companies in Houston. Today, I am the proud owner of CBA Media Group, a full-service graphic design firm; but I’m using this opportunity to re-brand my personal brand, Craig Amos.Design (thus the cool domain, huh?). I still love what I do and hope that it is reflective in my works. Technology is blazing, so to keep up I have added website development, digitally-flipping magazines, all matter of print, banners, outdoor signage, basically any kind of visual communications!

I met my wife in Houston and we are celebrating nearly 30 years of marriage. We make our home in Cypress, TX and have two wonderful children: a brilliant son who graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Economics at age 20 from Trinity University in May 2022 and earning his Masters in Teaching (class of 2023). Another bright spot in my life is my fun-loving, smart, strong-minded daughter who plays middle school volleyball and expects to join the tennis team when she reaches 9th grade.

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Adding videos is just another one of the amazing features I’ve added!

Great for memorials, birthdays or simply to wow your clients!
Your video can be done within a week … from start to finish!
I help with the creative writing and music selection, too!